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Carmen's Dream 2018 ALS walk participants

Team 'Carmen's Dream' at the 2018 Broward County Walk for ALS 

Carmen's Dream

Our daughter, Carmen, had a simple but bold dream: find the cure for ALS. Growing up, Carmen lost two people close to her from ALS, and she was determined to become a leading medical researcher and discover a cure for this devastating disease. Carmen was never afraid of a tough problem, and she knew the hardest part of solving a problem was simply getting started. That's why Carmen joined the HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) club at her school. Like most things Carmen did, she gave her budding passion for the medical sciences her all. Carmen qualified for States in HOSA both her junior and senior years and was excited to participate in this year's State tournament. Carmen had high hopes for this year's competition, but she would never make it ...  

After Carmen's murder, we decided as a family to donate Carmen's entire life savings, to create the Carmen Schentrup ALS Research Fund. Any donations made to the fund will go directly to the most promising ALS research through The ALS Association. Please join Carmen and our entire family in the quest to find a cure for ALS by making a donation today. Our hope is that, with enough help, Carmen’s dream of defeating ALS will come true. Thank you for your support.


– April and Phil Schentrup

Please help make Carmen's dream of finding a cure for ALS come true.


Carmen's friends have renewed the "ice bucket challenge" to raise funds for ALS research and help make Carmen's Dream of curing ALS come true. Please join them and support their efforts to end this horrible disease.

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