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2/21/2001 - 2/14/2018

Carmen in Germany



Our beautiful daughter Carmen was murdered on Valentine's Day 2018, one week before her 17th birthday. Carmen was in her AP Psychology class, just minutes from finishing the school day and returning home to our family. Unfortunately, Carmen never made it out of her classroom alive. She was gunned down in a senseless and meaningless act of mass murder, a massacre of innocent children and teachers. Her body was riddled by bullets from an AR-15 assault rifle, ending her life, and devastating all who knew her. 


Please help us build a memorial to the murdered victims of the Parkland massacre. Donate to the Parkland 17 Memorial Foundation 

End violence at school and join Stand With Parkland -

The National Association of Families for Safe Schools

Help support Carmen's dream of curing ALS

Support Carmen's love of music by donating to the Carmen Schentrup Memorial Award which provides scholarships for other talented musicians.   

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